Details for Binders

Break down of materials I'll supply and what you should bring.
Providing- Basic Supplies:

Big Tab Write-On Dividers-16/person: $2.72

Sheet Protectors-50/person-$3.97

4x6 Sheet Protectors- fits four 4x6 recipe cards- 5/person-$2.16

White Easy Peel Labels- 1/2 " x 1 3/4"-16/person- $.08

Labels will be: Appetizer/Snacks, Drinks, Bread, Muffins, Cookies/Bars/Brownies, Cakes, Pies, Soups, Salads, Sides/Vegetables, Pasta, Chicken, Beef, Pork/Lamb/Fish, Crock pot, Holiday

Total Price: $8.93/ person (unless you've spoken to me previously and don't need some of the "Basics")

Providing- Extra Supplies:

Binders- 1.5 inch-Vinyl-Colored (as shown)- I have 3 total-$5/binder- first come, first serve- can reserve on comment-not email or txt

Binders- Plain (as shown)- 1.5 inch White View Binder-1 pack=3 binders- $2.17/binder- first come, first serve-can reserve on comment-not email or txt

Metal Book Plates- 4 long, 3 med, 4 small (not shown)- $.25 each- first come, first serve- can reserve on comment- not email or txt

Small Child Size Whisk- Price Unknown- Pictured is my own whisk because I couldn't find Elise's small one from her kitchen. Hopefully, you get the idea.  I am still on the hunt for these. If I find them I will post the price.

Burlap Sign w/ Dictionary Definition of Recipe (or other word; ideas-yummy, grub, foodie)- not yet priced- printed on white card stock for stability & to help words show up from my printer.

#1- Lg sign for front of book (shown- w/o ribbon-can be laminated for smooth look)
#2- Sm sign for side of binder (not shown-will make to fit)

Laminated Sheets for Dividers-not yet priced- You bring your own paper and embellishments for the dividers. I can laminate up to 9x11.5 size page. It will laminate the tab if wanted but will leave out the 3 holes for the rings.

Oilcloth-1/2 yrd- $3.45/1/2 yrd

I have purchased oilcloth for Rebecca and Carrie. You guys can pick that up at my house anytime or I will have it for you craft night.

The coupons are available on previous posts if anyone wants to head out to Fabric Depot. FYI-On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th all Fabric Depot fabric is 35% off including oilcloth. That along with the 40% off coupons provide many options for deals on oilcloth.

Anything under heading "Extra Supplies" I will provide. Price extra-in addition to "Basic Supplies" total.

Binders and metal book plates- Already purchased. 
Whisks- Only thing that I am still on the hunt for. Need a comment to make sure I purchase for you.
Burlap signs- 1 color burlap (natural) that I already have on hand. Comment would make sure already printed when arrive. 
Laminating sheets for dividers- I have and can laminate craft night. Comment would make sure I have enough.
Sewing machine for oilcloth-I have with leather needle all ready set up for oilcloth. I have extra leather needles if want to bring your own.
Cutting mat and rotary cutter for oilcloth-have one

You are responsible for:
- your own oilcoth
- scrapbook paper
- embellishments
- ribbon
- anything else for your binder that you want
- your own binder if don't want one provided
- your own recipes

This is my final product.

I will have everything at my house if anyone wants to get supplies early or browse for inspiration.

Now I will go away and you will not hear a thing from me until craft night, except for update on whisk and date. :)



Here's my trial run for the Recipe Binder

This took 1/2 yrd of oilcloth.  That's everything except the front extra square of cherry...which I'm not in love with.

If people want pair up & get coordinating patterns that would be the easiest/cheapest way to get the look I made.

I don't sew often so it takes a while for my brain to kick in...hence the left inside pocket cherries upside down.

I still feel like I want to add something cute to the front or a spoon to the side.  I can't decide.

Just wanted to give you guys a visual for the oilcloth possibilities. :)




Oil cloth has been bought today for those that I heard back from.  It's pretty cute! I'm excited to see the end results.

Fabric Depot extended the 40% off coupons. Here is the link to the January coupons.




Info for Recipe Binders

With the help of genius Amy Morgan, Lindsay and I have come to a decision on how to do the Recipe Binders that I think you guys will be happy with.

Two Options:
#1- Plain binder, cute paper insert in the front clear pocket, clear sheet protectors, extra card stock for those recipes that are not 8.5 x 11, and pretty paper for tabs and dividers. Very similar to the typical FHE or Budget binder that I posted earlier.

#2- Oil Cloth covered binders- Examples are below.



I am willing to purchase the oil cloth but can only buy up to two options (if someone comes with me-one person/coupon). Most oil cloth @ Fabri Depot ranges from $8.49-$9.49. It will take 1/2 yd if you want to sew the pocket that covers the inside flap completely. Like the bottom example.

Right now oil cloth is 20% off until Monday. I have a coupon that will get one cut of fabric for 40% off. All sales end Monday.  I will go Monday but have to have all orders in by than. Also, have to buy no more than two types since it is for one cut of fabric.

Here is the link to the coupon if you want to go yourself:

Here are the kinds of oil cloth Fabric Depot has.

Price Break Down so far- 2 in binder- $3, oil cloth $3, 25 sheet protectors-$2+ (I'm going to find more in bulk cause I think we will all need way more)= $8+(more sheet protectors). Without oil cloth minus $3 from total.
Still need to price-Tabs or cute paper cut with tabs & embellishements (ribbon, spoons, etc)

Okay! Hope that helps. Post a comment on the type of oil cloth you want by Sunday, December 25th. I will go Monday and buy the two kinds that win.

Note-I am only buying oil cloth if you want it. You can bring your own fabric, burlap or have nothing.


Recipe Binders

Pinned Image


Pinned ImageCustom Three Ring Binder Fabric Slipcover --- Choose from our in stock fabric


I like these Sewn covers, We Could Use oil Cloth

Free Ideas:




I like how they turned the recipe books.




This girl Used packaging Tape for the Tags I like how she used cute Paper for the different Dividers

Like the Clip on this



Pinned Image


I love these Sheets


Go To this Website:



Off KSL 5 website

1. Sort & Stack
2. Re-Format, Re-Write
3. Take Pictures
4. Goodbye, Magazines
5. The Color Coded Cookbook

Love It!!

It has the best Video for what we are about to do Smile


  • Appetizers
  • Bread
  • Breakfast
    • Muffins
  • Crock Pot
  • Drinks
  • Dessert
    • Bars & Brownies
    • Cakes
    • Cookies
    • Holiday
    • Pies
  • Main Dishes
    • Beef
    • Chicken
    • Pasta
    • Pork
  • MISC.
    • Cooking Info
    • Recipes
  • Recipes to Try
  • Salads
  • Sides
  • Soups



Cute Cookbook Idea

I love this collection that I once saw at Arts and scraps before the store closed She made the Cutest Cookbook out of a Clip board but sadly it was not on her Blog Sad smile






DSC05304 5x7 Chipboard Album Project Idea







I Like this idea but I would want the Large Clipboard with the large Plastic protecting sheets.

Callie and I were Talking on Sunday we thought it would be great if everyone brought 5 of their Favorite recipes copied for everyone so that we can put them in our new cookbooks what do you think? (that’s 45 new recipes to try YAY!)

I look forward to seeing what our amazing group comes up with Smile



More Cookbook Ideas

Good ol' Pinterest!

Kirsten-I snagged the top one from your ideas on pinterest. You rock! I searched for hours and couldn't find anything on pinterest. :)

East of India Shabby Chic Aged Look Recipe Book

- Kendall