More Ruffle Pillow Pictures

I'm excited for this month craft. My husband and I were out shopping and he wanted to buy some new pillows. I was happy to tell him he'd have to be suprised b/c I'm making them. Now we'll see how they turn out!
I was looking for more ideas before I go buy supplies and came across a few pictures to share...

Etsy meets anthro
Etsy: That funky boutique's shop



Ruffle Pillow

Yay for ruffled pillows!

I have uploaded some ideas here for you to browse and see what type of pillow you would like to do. I think we can let this project take some free form and everyone can do whatever size or type of pillow they would like.

What you will need:

Pillow form(s)

Fabric for front and back of your pillow

Fabric for ruffling

scissors/rotary cutter and mat

Thread to match

Sewing machine (if you have one)

Keep in mind the amount of fabric you need to buy depends on the size of your pillow and type of ruffling you choose to do. You will have break out your math skills when figuring how much to buy.

Things to remember when purchasing your supplies:

As a general rule, add 1/2 seam allowance for all sides.

I like to make the backs of my pillows like a sham. To do this, you need 2 rectangular back pieces--1 side the pillow length + seam allowance, and the other side 1/2 the width of your pillow plus 5 inches.

(My pillow forms are 18" squares. So I will need a front piece 19" by 19" and 2 back pieces 19" by 14" to create the insert back like this)

When figuring out your ruffles you should double your desired length. So if you want a finished ruffle that measures 19" x 4"--you need to cut a piece 38" x 5" long. If you need ten ruffles, these lengths can add up to lots of fabric.

Using a bedsheet is an economical solution for making lots of ruffles. This is what I will be using. Some of you have said you have some leftover supplies lying around to use. If you need me to purchase supplies for you. Please notify me by Thursday Feb. 24th!

Craft night will be at my (Rebecca's) house Wed March 2nd. If you need an address, I can email you.


Cute Stuff!!!

The last two craft nights were so great,
I actually finished some projects!!
Thanks Amy and Callie!!!


Just in time for Valentines!

Thanks Amy for adding this banner for me... I love it!

Here is a little something I made on my own.

Thank you Amy for EVERYTHING you did... you went way and beyond what you needed to. But... I love everything!


March Idea

These are SO CUTE!!!! carrie


More March Craft Ideas...

Check these out and upload your own so we can set up the poll by Tuesday. I know you all have some crafty ideas floating around in your heads or saved in your "favorites" file like me. Well, put them on so we can all ooh and ahhh over what we can make next!

I thought this topiary was adorable! We could make them spring type colors or something more neutral with fabric or paper. But I love the cupcake holders so clever!

I am always in need of a small gift for teachers, neighbors, visiting teachers, birthdays...you name it. I could use a night to just make a bunch of something small to have on hand as gifts.

more teacher gift ideas here: http://www.skiptomylou.org/2009/05/01/teacher-appreciation-gift-ideas/

More upcycled jewelry ideas


These were a handbag if you can believe it.

We could also revisit pillows... I have been wanting a ruffle pillow....




What do you think about doing something with old Suitcases, I see these all the time at the Crazy Goodwill (I will help hunt if you decide on these)










Kids Custom Personalized Mini Euro Suitcase, Girls Hot Pink Flower- Small Orchid Pink with Zebra



Repurposed Jewelery:

EFFIE A Necklace Refashioned of Vintage Whatnots  OOAK Upcycled


Karin- Statement Bib Necklace with Handmade Satin Flower, Repurposed Vintage Brooches and Polymer Flowers


I could Use a new Spring Purse!


From old Trousers


I Am thinking ahead for April or May




I have been trying to find something to do with those 8 stars that were donated (we will only need to buy 2), Callie and I were talking about doing 3 boards behind it to make a cool decoration these pictures are to help inspire us. This will be a low cost Project.


Love is in the air!

Ok. First. I am IN LOVE with my new ironing board. Ironically, my iron quit working the day after craft night. Usually this is really annoying, and I end up cursing because I think they "sure don't make things like they used to." And appliances should last 20 years...my mom still has appliances she got when she got married! Anyway, I have a new iron (not pictured) to match my board. I think all it needs are some sexy black legs, to match the top. As soon as it warms up, I will spray the legs black.

This was our cake topper when we got married. I like to put it out at Valentines!

Love my crafts! Thank you Amy and Callie!


{happy crafting}

My kids are so excited for these backpack holders!!
{Here's to love}